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200ul Pre-Sterilized Filter Tips, compatible with Tecan Machines, 96/Rack

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  • Description

    96 tips/rack - 10 racks/box - 5 boxes/case - 50 rack/case

    • Precise Liquid Handling: With a volume of 200 microliters, these tips provide precise and accurate liquid handling, making them suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.
    • RNase/DNase-Free: The tips are free of RNase and DNase contaminants, ensuring that your samples remain pure and uncontaminated during transfer.
    • Clog-Free Filter: The filter in the tip effectively prevents clogging, ensuring smooth and efficient pipetting, even with viscous liquids or suspensions.
    • Convenient Packaging: The tips come in a convenient 96-tip rack, with 50 racks per package, providing you with a total of 4800 tips. This bulk packaging makes it easy for you to stock up on tips for long-term use in your laboratory.
    • High-Quality Manufacturing: Each tip is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that you get a reliable and consistent product every time.


    The TECAN 200ul Filtered Pipette Tips are ideal for precise liquid handling in laboratories, with a 200ul volume suitable for various applications such as transferring small volumes and dispensing solutions into microplates. The tips are manufactured to high standards and are free of RNase and DNase contaminants, ensuring sample purity during transfer. The filter in the tip prevents clogging for efficient pipetting. These tips come in a 96-tip rack, with 50 racks per package, providing a total of 4800 tips for long-term use.

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