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384 Well PCR Plate, 40 ul

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    15 plates/box - 20 boxes/case - 300pcs/case

    • High-throughput capacity: With 384 wells, this PCR plate allows for efficient processing of a large number of samples at once, saving time and effort in your experimental workflow.
    • Consistent and reliable results: The uniform design of the wells ensures consistent reaction conditions across all samples, minimizing the risk of experimental variability and errors.
    • Low sample volume requirement: The 40 ul well volume is ideal for applications where sample availability is limited, such as rare or precious samples, or when working with expensive reagents.
    • Easy sample identification: The white color of the plate provides excellent contrast, making it easy to identify wells and ensuring accurate sample tracking throughout the experiment.
    • Compatibility with various PCR instruments: This PCR plate is compatible with most PCR instruments, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your experimental needs and preferences.


    The 384-Well PCR Plate, 40ul is a high-quality, compact plate that offers exceptional performance and reliability in PCR applications. It has 384 wells in a standard 96-well plate footprint, making it ideal for high-throughput applications such as genotyping, gene expression analysis, and high-throughput screening. The plate has a 40ul well volume, which is perfect for amplifying small amounts of DNA, and its white or clear color ensures excellent optical clarity and signal-to-noise ratios. It is compatible with most thermal cyclers and is an essential tool for laboratories looking to improve their PCR workflow and increase throughput.

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