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Biohazard Bags (2-45 Gallon), Red

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    14" x 20", 2-3 Gallon Bags - 500pcs/case

    25" x 35", 10-13 Gallon Bags - 400pcs/case

    31" x 41", 30 Gallon Bags - 150pcs/case

    40" x 46", 40-45 Gallon Bags - 100pcs/case

    • Ensures safe handling and disposal of waste: Made from durable materials that can handle heavy medical and laboratory waste, these bags are built to last.
    • Promotes a safer and more hygienic environment: These bags are autoclavable, which means they can be sterilized before disposal, minimizing the spread of infection.
    • Helps ensure proper handling and disposal of medical and laboratory waste: The bags feature a clear biohazard symbol and bright red color, making them easy to identify and handle.
    • Four size options: The bags come in four different sizes, making them versatile for a range of waste disposal needs.
    • Disposable: Reduces the need for cleaning and reusing bags, saving time and resources.


    Our medical and laboratory waste disposable autoclave bags come in 4 different sizes and are designed to safely and effectively dispose of medical waste, hazardous waste, and infectious waste. These bags are made from high-quality materials that are strong and durable, and they are autoclavable for safe sterilization before disposal. With their bright red color and clear biohazard symbol, they are easy to identify and ensure that all waste is handled safely and appropriately. They are also disposable, making them a cost-effective solution for medical waste management in any facility.

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