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Prevent Spills with these Leak Resistant  Specimen Containers

Prevent Spills with these Leak Resistant Specimen Containers

Jan 8th 2023

As with any type of laboratory, there are certain criteria that need to be met for proper collection and transportation of specimens or samples. This will ensure proper stability of the specimen and more accurate test results. Constructed of strong flexible polypropylene, these translucent containers with blue screw-on lids are perfect for single-use specimen sample collections as well as single-use biological collection.

Chemically resistant and shatterproof, these Specimen Containers are supplied with a leak-proof screw cap, particularly important when transporting or shipping hazardous material. Ideal for the transport and storage, these specimen containers feature labels for writing important information such as the date and names of the patient, doctor or product sampled.

Molded graduations in ounces and milliliters, with a capacity of 4 ounces the non-sterile specimen containers come packaged 25 per poly sleeve and are uniquely stackable making them easy to store while sterile containers are individually wrapped. The blue screw lid opens and closes with one smooth movement, which minimizes the usage of the operator's hand and lower arm area, reducing the stresses that lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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