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Plastic Red Top, NO ADDITIVE 10mL, PET

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    100pcs/Rack - 10 rack/Case - 1000pcs/Case

    Advantages of Plastic Red Top, NO ADDITIVE 10mL, PET Tube:

    • 10ML CAPACITY: Offers a generous 10mL capacity for collecting a wide range of specimens.
    • NO ADDITIVE DESIGN: Red top signifies no additives, ideal for applications needing additive-free samples.
    • HIGH-QUALITY PET: Made from durable PET material for reliable performance in various laboratory tests.
    • CLEAR CONSTRUCTION: Ensures excellent clarity for easy visualization and identification of sample contents.
    • VERSATILE USE: Suitable for blood, urine, and other bodily fluid collection for diverse laboratory applications.
    • RELIABLE AND DURABLE: Provides dependable sample storage and handling for accurate test results.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Fits seamlessly into standard laboratory equipment and protocols.

    Optimize your specimen collection with our Plastic Red Top Tubes, designed for precise and dependable sample storage. Each tube offers a 10mL capacity, making them perfect for collecting various specimens, including blood, urine, and other bodily fluids.

    Constructed from high-quality PET material, these tubes ensure durability and compatibility with a broad range of laboratory tests and procedures. The red top indicates that the tubes contain no additives, making them suitable for applications where the presence of additives may interfere with the results.


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