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Safety Blood Collection Tube Holder, Universal Fit, Clear, Non-Stackable

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  • Description

    25pcs/bag - 40 bags/case - 1,000pcs/case

    • Durable: Sturdy construction ensures long-term use and reliability.
    • Non-Slip Design: Prevents accidental tip-over of tubes.
    • Easy to Use: Simple and efficient design allows quick and easy tube loading.
    • Compatible: Universal design fits most brands of Vacutainer tubes.
    • Safe and Secure: Ergonomic handle and secure latch system ensures maximum safety.


    Our Safety Blood Collection Tube Holder Is Ideal for use in routine blood collection procedures to reduce the risk of back-end needle stick injuries and improve overall compliance with OSHA single-use safety holder guidelines, Universal design with threaded female adapters compatible with common needle sizes and fits both 13 mm and 16 mm blood collection tubing,

    Clear polypropylene construction allows an unobstructed view of the tube and blood as it is drawn, LATEX FREE.

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