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Safety Butterfly Needles 21g W/Holder

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    25pcs/box - 8 boxes/Case - 200pcs/Case

    Advantages of Safety Butterfly Needles 21g W/Holder:

    • Enhanced Safety: Features a safety mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries, ensuring the protection of healthcare professionals.
    • Fine Gauge for Comfort: The 21g needle size is fine enough to reduce patient discomfort during venipuncture procedures.
    • Easy Maneuverability: The butterfly wings provide better control and stability, making it easier to access veins, especially in challenging situations.
    • Convenient Holder: Comes with a holder, simplifying the process of securing the needle during blood collection.
    • Flexible Tubing: The attached flexible tubing allows for easier positioning and patient movement, enhancing comfort during the procedure.
    • Clear Blood Flashback: Designed for clear visualization of blood return, aiding in quick and successful venipuncture.
    • Reduced Patient Anxiety: The less intimidating design of the butterfly needle can help to reduce patient anxiety compared to traditional needles.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for blood draws, IV infusions, and other medical procedures requiring venous access.

    These Safety Butterfly Needles 21g with holders represent an excellent combination of patient comfort and safety, making them a valuable tool in a wide range of medical settings.


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