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Saftey Blood Collection Needle, Pen Type, 1 1/4'' - 21g, 22g

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    48pcs/box - 50 boxes/case - 2,400pcs/case

    • Safety mechanism: The pen-type design of this blood collection device includes a safety feature that helps to prevent accidental needle sticks and enhances user safety during blood collection procedures.
    • Precision and accuracy: With a 21g or 22 gauge size and a 1 ¼ inch length, this device is designed for precise and accurate blood sampling, resulting in less pain and discomfort for patients.
    • Convenience and portability: The compact and lightweight design of this pen-type blood collection device makes it easy to carry and use in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare environments.
    • Reduced contamination risk: The use of a single-use device reduces the risk of cross-contamination and helps to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety during blood collection procedures.
    • Improved patient experience: The pen-type design, precision, and safety features of this blood collection device help to reduce the anxiety and discomfort often associated with blood draws, resulting in a more positive patient experience.


    The Safety Blood Collection Pen Type is a device designed for safe and efficient blood collection procedures. It features a 21g, 22 gauge needle and a 1 ¼ inch length for accurate sample collection, as well as a unique safety mechanism that helps prevent accidental needlestick injuries. The pen is made from high-quality materials, is easy to use, and is suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners.

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