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Urine Container with integrated transfer device (Urine cup)

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  • Description

    1/Pack - 200Packs/Case

    Advantages of Urine Transfer Device (Urine Cup):

    • Hygienic Collection: Designed for a clean and hygienic collection of urine samples, minimizing the risk of contamination.
    • Easy to Use: Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use for patients of all ages and abilities, facilitating a stress-free collection process.
    • Leak-Proof: Constructed to be leak-proof, ensuring safe and mess-free transportation of the urine sample.
    • Clear Measurements: Often equipped with clear measurement indicators, allowing for accurate volume collection and recording.
    • Durable Material: Made from sturdy materials, the urine cup can withstand handling and transport without compromising the sample.
    • Wide Opening: The wide mouth of the cup makes it accessible and reduces the risk of spillage during collection.
    • Compatible with Testing Procedures: Designed to be compatible with various diagnostic equipment and testing procedures in laboratories.
    • Disposable or Reusable Options: Available in both disposable and reusable variants, catering to different needs and preferences in medical settings.

    This urine transfer device represents a thoughtful blend of practicality and patient comfort, making it an essential tool for urine collection in medical diagnostics.


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