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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube (Serum Tube Clot Activator), 16 x 100mm, 10ml, Red Top

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  • Description

    100pcs/rack - 10 racks/case - 1000pcs/case

    • Clot Activator: The tube contains a clot activator that accelerates the clotting process, allowing for faster and more efficient serum separation.
    • Easy to Use: The vacuum technology in the tube ensures a smooth and easy blood collection process, reducing the risk of hemolysis and sample contamination.
    • High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality materials, the tube is durable and break-resistant, ensuring the safe transport of blood samples to the lab.
    • Accurate Results: The tube’s clot activator and vacuum technology ensure accurate and consistent serum separation, resulting in reliable test results.
    • Versatile: The tube is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications, including clinical chemistry, serology, and immunology testing, making it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals.


    The Red Vacuum Blood Collection Serum Tube Clot Activator is a 10 ml tube used for blood collection in medical laboratories and clinical settings. It has a clot activator to ensure proper serum separation and is made of high-quality materials. The tube is 16x100mm and comes in both a red plastic screw-top or rubber top for secure closure, as well as both a plastic and glass tube for easy identification. It is suitable for diagnostic testing and research purposes and is compatible with most laboratory equipment.

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