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Vacuum Gel Tubes SST, 16 x 100mm, 8.5ml, Rubber Red Top

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    100pcs/rack - 10 racks/case - 1,000pcs/case

    • Advanced Clot Activator: The SST (serum separator tube) is designed with an advanced clot activator that helps in the fast clotting of blood, making it easier to separate serum from the blood cells.
    • High-quality Material: The Vacuum Gel Tubes are made with a high-quality, medical-grade plastic material that is durable and reliable, ensuring accurate test results and preventing breakage during transportation.
    • Efficient Sample Collection: The 16x100mm 8.5ml tube is designed to collect and store a sufficient amount of blood samples that is enough to perform multiple tests, reducing the need for repeated blood collection.
    • Easy to Use: The Rubber Red top color-coded cap of the Vacuum Gel Tubes makes it easy to identify the type of tube, reducing the risk of error while conducting tests. Additionally, the vacuum technology enables easy blood collection with minimal pain to the patient.
    • Suitable for a Wide Range of Tests: The Vacuum Gel Tubes SST, Rubber Red top, 16x100mm 8.5ml is suitable for a wide range of tests such as chemistry, serology, and drug testing, among others, making it versatile and efficient for laboratories and healthcare settings.


    The Vacuum Gel Tubes SST, Rubber Red top, 16x100mm 8.5ml, are plastic tubes designed for collecting and separating serum from blood samples. They have a unique Rubber Red top design with a red-gray striped stopper that indicates the presence of a clot activator and gel separator. The tubes are pre-coated with a silicone-based material to ensure optimal blood clotting and serum separation. They are vacuum-sealed and can hold up to 8.5ml of blood. Once the sample has been collected, the tube can be centrifuged to separate the serum from the other components of the blood. The gel separator helps to ensure that the serum is not contaminated by the other components of the blood. These tubes are widely used in medical laboratories, clinics, and hospitals for various diagnostic tests and are suitable for use in research settings.

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